Thursday, April 11, 2013

jbs mercantile: april gallery updates!

well, my photography skills are a bit lacking today.  i took photos of these pages yesterday afternoon only to realize after the sun went down that i have horrible blowout and a blue sheen on photos taken in the shade on my back deck.  i retook them this morning and i'm not sure if they're slightly better or not.  it was early and way overcast as it's already building up for the strong storms we're expecting this afternoon.oh well.  at least there's no blue sheen?

do check the design team gallery.  there are updates from jill, briana, betsy, leah, amanda, and may.  stunning work all and well photographed!

i have come to the conclusion through project life that i am preoccupied with my cats and the weather.  the entire second side of this spread is devoted to our two kitties and the backlog of cute photos of them.  then on the bottom left you can see another lament to the lingering winter we had (and that many are still having).

on this page:  a pic of my parents with the latest great grand.  a handmade birthday card from bridgette, yardwork, red lobster birthday treats, and more snow.  i bet you can guess which of those didn't make the favorite things list.  ha!  everything here is from our (sold out) historian kit except the butterfly (antiquarian - sold out), yellow dotted envelopes (artisan), and jbs red skinny asphas.  oh!  i also wanted to mention that the filter and frame on the bottom left photo was added through the vignette app i found recently.

on this page:  more kit bits, plus i dipped into my washi tape stash to border several of the photos.  i've figured out how to print almost 3x4 prints with that diptic app i've mentioned before.  they're just about a third of an inch too narrow, so i've taken to adding washi tape to the excess white space on the sides.  i like it!  it really jazzes up pages like this where the photos have so little color in them.  hey, my cats can't help it that they're shades of grey.


  1. Love this!!! I'm working on my February PL spread and I'm being lazy now that the fun part's over and I need to do the journaling with my printer. Wish I could love my handwriting like you do. :)

  2. See you are getting it done and the pages look fantastic!!! Thanks for stopping by today:):)