Thursday, July 11, 2013

project life: behind for real and not liking it

i think i mentioned earlier this year that i don't mind being behind on project life, that i actually like having a little backlog of spreads to work on when i have a few spare minutes.  well, i currently have one unfinished spread left in march, one in april, and maybe a half spread in may.  i'm chill with those.  the pictures are all printed, slotted, and ready to be played with.  the problem that has arisen is that somehow i let all of june get away from me without planning out any spreads.  and now i'm almost halfway through july too.  trying to figure out where i want all the pictures to go and which spaces to leave open is much easier when there is just a week or two to deal with.  six weeks worth of backlogged images sitting on my computer and cell phone is a bit more overwhelming.  i have learned my lesson on this.  once i get caught up on the photo organization and printing i must be careful to at least sketch out my pages every couple weeks.  whew!

this spread is from early may.  the first column is all about mothers' day.  the rest of the spread is our cub scout spring camp out and crossover.  fun times!  it was hard narrowing it down to the highlights.  need to make some layouts from that trip for sure!

on this spread:  i believe these were all from the may jbs mercantile kits (sold out).

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