Tuesday, March 3, 2015

cocoa daisy: st. patrick's day cards

quickie st. patrick's day cards made with the exclusive patterned paper in my "hello again" cocoa daisy kit.  i used the assembly line process to make eight of these in no time.  the rainbow paper and yellow tissue paper are cut to 3.5 inch squares and stitched together (along with the shamrock stem) before adhering to the card.  the little shamrock is a martha stewart hydrangea punch, then a enamel dot and sticker sentiment to finish it off.

i think these will be fun to hand out to teacher friends.  :)

Cocoa Daisy: Ice Cream is Good Stuff

the march cocoa daisy kits are now available for sale to non subscribers.  the main kit is currently still available and i can tell you that you're going to get a lot of mileage out of it.  I've already done two layouts exclusively from it and as well as a set of eight st. patrick's day cards (that i'll be sharing soon).  it's a great hardworking kit.

photos: i'm still working my way through our north carolina camping pictures from last summer (and daydreaming about going again soon).  there were just so many great photo ops on that trip (hello, gorgeous mountain setting and two cutie pie little nieces).

story: a little pit stop at the local ice cream parlor before heading out trout fishing (at a stocked pond - hilarious!).  the little bit was just three months old, so she didn't get a cone of her own, but got to sample her mom and big sister's cones.

design:  i got five photos on this page by grouping them all together without individual mats, so they give the effect of one large photo.

technique: this layout was light on dimensional embellishments, so i pop dotted all the little circles with our ages (that's me reflected in the store window) to give it a little more pizzazz.

product: cocoa daisy, of course!  :)

and an accompanying project life page.  the top two rows are from the trout farm and the bottom row is uncle greg cleaning the trout and then me cooking them.  if you have never tried trout with just salt, pepper, and orange grilled over an open flame, well, you are deprived. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cocoa Daisy March Reveal: Hello Again! (Calvinball!)

good morning, friends!  the cocoa daisy march gallery, "hello again," is live!  i hope you'll find time to visit this morning and see all the great inspiration with these spring fresh kits.

photos - taken with my dslr on our rv camping trip to north carolina with my sister's family.

story - every morning i woke up to the stunning view in the mountains and the sweet view of my smiling baby niece.

product - cocoa daisy march main kit only!

design - i split the photos into two design areas, but maintained continuity by have the title appear partially on both and also having the stitching visually connect them.

technique - it's all in the details with this one.  i darkened the wood veneer title just a bit with brown ink, backed the woodgrain camera flash with patterned paper and pop dotted the whole thing except for the "hello there" lens, and added some cross stitches to the tiny piece of bar code strip paper that i salvaged.

and now, if you're a crafter you simply must head over to get it scrapped! and join the great race, aka calvinball.  the "rules" have been posted and the message board is hopping with inspiration and chatter.  join us!  the time to get your craft on is NOW!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

instagram: #fatmumslim

i tried #fatmumslim's #fmsphotoaday challenge for the first time this month and loved it.  the prompts are fabulous and her examples/picks are so inspiring.  i added in my own "things i love theme" to the mix a la alissa fast and it was perfect and so easy.  so easy that i'm going for a third month with this photo a day thing.  i've decided on a roy g. biv theme in honor of st. patrick's day.  so sunday's will be red, monday's orange, tuesday's yellow, wednesdays green, thursdays (aqua) blue, fridays (true blue) indigo, saturdays violet.  i think it will make for a pretty calendar at the end of the month.  :)

cocoa daisy: march "hello again" sneaks

 Cocoa Daisy March "Hello Again" Sneaks!  Come join us for the big reveal tonight at 7:00 CST.

so far, i have three layouts and four project life pages and still going strong . . .

Friday, February 27, 2015

calvinball 2015: the time is now

it's that time again.  CALVINBALL TIME!  (aka celeste stress season).  if you're a scrapbooker, you'll want to be HERE.  the game starts March 1st.  prepping starts now.  celeste and i have even made a calvinball appearance on the digital scrapbooking hq podcast.  give it a listen.  and then come play with us.  you won't remember when you've ever had so much fun.  (cuz "the rules" will blow your mind ;).

Thursday, February 26, 2015

a southern snow day: 2015

well, pepito made it a little farther afield on this day.  he must have sensed it was somehow different from our ice day last week.

indeed, i felt it too.  and heard it.  the sun was already out, bright and happy, and melting the snow away by the time i made it outside with my camera.  i could hear the merry snow melt trickles.  it just felt and sounded like spring.  and a forecast of 65 and rainy by tuesday certainly helped too.  go spring!

can you believe these pansies are still alive?  maybe not thriving, but certainly alive and even blooming.  and we hit zero degrees last week.  pansies are rock stars.

i'm curious to see how my strawberry bed will do.  this is the first year that i've had plant babies coming back from the year before.

 i am especially anxious for the blueberries.

and these little carrots and cabbages have been here since november and are still green.  how crazy is that?  will there be a little carrot down there?

and will the cabbages actually make heads now that the sun is shining on them daily?  time will tell.

teeny sedums!

my first little harbingers of spring!

 grow, babies, grow!

and this is my current pride and joy.  i've managed to keep my cilantro, oregano, and german thyme alive all winter long.  i left it on the deck as much as possible, only bringing it in when temps dipped below the mid-twenties.  plants are incredibly resilient.  

and ironically, it was just last week during our frigid ice week when these babies were nestled under the kitchen window that they finally started to grow again.

just look at all that sweet, spindly, baby, spring green!

i think we shall have some more tortilla soup with homegrown cilantro soon!

and now i must deal with the lazy slug infestation on the couch.  there is spring cleaning to do, after all.  :)

joining with mammasaurus and "how does your garden grow?"