Friday, April 17, 2015

hdygg: mother nature takes care of her own

this is my current favorite in my garden.   it is a weed that came up last year.  i babied it, pulling all the other weeds who would dare get too close, and it has returned to me again this year, bigger and more beautiful than the last.  i noticed it made a baby too which shall, of course, be babied.

it comes up way early in the spring and it's yellow.  what more could you want?  really, it's fun playing with weeds.  by next spring i shall be an authority on winter cress aka yellow rocket.

i have two huge bushes on the side of my house that i don't frequent.  sad since they are gorgeous but their bloom time isn't long, so i miss out on enjoying them as much as i'd like.  i took the time to look them up just now - white lacecap hydrangeas.

i have really done next to nothing in my garden so far this year.  the reason for this is that i myself am a hothouse flower.  i'm cold until the temps reach the 70's consistently.  the weeds love me for my too long hibernation period.  thank goodness whatever i did last summer is still working.  the blueberries are going crazipants.  omg.  i am so excited.

 the bees are too, thankfully.

now to find someone in these parts who can tell me if they need to be netted or not.

raspberries, too!  and one of my bushes made babies!  i'm going to leave a few grow to see if they product next year.  two of my five bushes are already preparing to bloom, one is just starting to leaf out, and i am afraid that a late hard freeze got the other two just as they were coming out.  i am leaving them for a few more weeks to see if they make it.

a dear friend gave me a start of her lemon balm (and spearmint).  i want to start an herb garden, but where?  i have vowed that i am not allowed any more plants (purchased or gifted) until i get the ones i already have in the ground. 

the little cabbages that i bought last october lived all winter long, but went straight to seed when spring finally arrived.  that was funny to see.  and do you notice how similar the flower is to the weed in the first picture?  same family!  it was kinda like my okra/hydrangea revelation of last year.

a pansy that reseeded itself.  how fascinating that their are so many different faces on this one.  i'm sure there's a story there.

the free strawberries that almost died when transplanted in the heat of summer have taken root, reproduced, and are filling their box to overflowing.  again, i need to find out from a local if netting is needed.

the photos from the lemon balm down are all retakes.  the first day i photographed them i had already been to wchs and cedars of lebanon state park to take pics, so it was approaching high noon.  my aperture was also close to wide open, so there was too much light.  these were taken on an overcast day.  not the most interesting lighting, but spring sunshine is a fickle thing in tennessee.

can one ever have too many bumblebee photos?

it was neat to notice, too, how quickly life moves along this time of year.  the central flowers hadn't even started blooming in the photo of white lacecap hydrangeas above and these were taken just three or four days later.

 and look at the blueberries now!

so exciting!

how about some homegrown salad with strawberries and blueberries?  heck, i might even go crazy and throw in a few pansies for good measure.  :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

hdygg: cedars of lebanon state park

we stopped in at cedars of lebanon state park on saturday to check out the spring flowers before running over to the flea market across the street for our mexiven food truck fix.

i had never seen these before and was fascinated.  i don't even know what to call them.  they look like little baby trees with a big blossom on top.

cool, yes?

these were fun too.  very seussical.  and again, they look like baby trees, but i think they're just spring plants.  more fascinating.

violets will never go out of style.

this one is looking straight up a cliff face.  in retrospect, i should have taken a picture of the cliff for perspective.  next time.

this state park is a conglomeration of farms that were reclaimed during the great depression as part of the works progress administration.  there are remnants of the old farms here and there.

this is my current favorite wildflower.  i have one in my flower bed that is blooming its little heart out right now.  i think it is a bumblebee favorite as well.  :)

so peaceful.

this was my trip for odd plants.  these grasses caught my eye as we were walking back.

g found this little mushroom family for me.  he knows what i like.

we checked behind the ranger station one more time as g thought he could find me a lizard.  instead he found me a big black snake.  really big.

we'll have to visit again in a few weeks.  i need my hummingbird moth fix.

joining with annie and "how does your garden grow?"

seasonal flower alliance: violets

i made myself a teeny tiny little violet bouquet this afternoon, put it in one of my mom's vintage vases, and placed it on a trinket i brought home from jenni bowlin's house.  it made me very happy.

then i mowed my lawn.  the dandelions must die.

joining in with the seasonal flower alliance hosted by floret flowers.  if you do not yet know of floret, you can find her here.  she is a beautiful soul who shares many beautiful flowers on her blog each week.

the seasonal flower alliance is actually more of an instagram thing.  you can find it at #seasonalfloweralliance . i am also sharing a daily flower photo on my instagram account for #the100dayproect . you can find me at @dorissander .  :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

your scrapbooking style

this is one of my all time favorite layouts and all time favorite stories. i'll be chatting about it and several more with debbie hodge at get it scrapped! tomorrow night. if you're a member (a great deal!) i hope you'll join us! these are some of the topics we'll be discussing:
  1. what's your story style, 
  2. how do your aesthetic prefs reveal themselves in your style, 
  3. what's your compositional style, 
  4. what are your masteries and frustrations and how do we see we play out in your style, and 
  5. what's your process and how does it relate to your style?
if you're not a member, you can still check out the chatroom and take the style quiz yourself. it's a good one! i found out that i'm a playful story summoner and that's pretty much spot on!  :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

cocoa daisy: meet me in the sunshine

sometimes it's all about relaxing in the sunshine and sometimes it's all about plowing through the to do list.  am i right?  today it's the later for me, but i've managed to get a quickie project life page done to go with the other grid page i shared at cocoa daisy monday.  and now it's off to bed so i can cross a few more things off the list tomorrow.  working for the weekend, my people.  :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

wchs: tax day reminder

i have decided this year to photograph one of my favorite wildflower spots every few weeks throughout the spring and summer and maybe even into fall.  this is my second visit of the year (the first can be seen HERE).  many experienced tennessee gardeners say to wait until tax day to begin putting seeds in the ground.  now that april 15th is almost upon us, i can tell that nature is in tune with the change of seasons and is beginning to show some of her spring colors.

this first one is vinca minor (or maybe major, but i'm thinking minor).  it is an invasive species from europe that has become naturalized in much of the united states.

south american mock vervain, glandularia pulchella, sadly another invasive, this time from south america.  they were mostly this purple, changing to a vivid blue around the edges as they aged.  i also saw a couple random clumps of a hotter pink.

i love sharing these photos.  flora is so beautiful to me and i think a well framed photo can even elicit emotions and a feeling of nostalgia.  even better, of course, is getting outdoors to explore.  these pictures only hint at the warm of the sunshine.  actually feeling it was amazing.  and the flowers above had a lovely soft scent that the breeze would catch.  it was also nice to hear the leaves rustling and the sounds of the honeybees buzzing and the lizards scurrying in the underbrush.  entirely relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time.

i am enjoying taking photos in this one small spot of earth.  i think if i just went once or twice i would notice the showy things, but not the small subtle little bits of beauty that are always changing.  on this visit it was the new growth that caught my eye.

i had missed the redbud blossoms in their prime, but the baby leaves were no less lovely.  even more so, really, the way the light shone through their heart shaped leaves of so many varying colors.

glade sandwort, arenaria patula, finally a native species!  these are tiny and delicate, but real survivors, growing on rocky ground with hardly any soil. 

and this one reminds me of summer!  i think she's getting an early start.  :)