Saturday, September 20, 2014

roadside attractions: nature's canvas

i began seeing these beauties on the side of the road in mid-august and, of course, had to stop for a closer look and a photo shoot.  turns out it is milkweed, an extremely important plant in the life cycle of the monarch butterfly.  hooray for environmentally friendly family farms where weeds are allowed to thrive, nurture insects, and continue the circle of life.

these first photos were all taken on the same day as my previous post, but along another country road.  the last six photos in this series were taken in the EXACT SAME SPOT as these milkweed photos, just three weeks later.  nature is such an amazing quick change artist.

same spot, three weeks later!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

roadside attractions: high summer on highway 109

being a single mom without immediate family in the state, i haven't gotten much alone time in the last ten years.  here lately, g's dad has decided to keep him on occasion.  okay, twice so far.  it amuses me that as soon as g's gone i feel at loose ends.  i can't seem to get a focus on what i should do with myself.  on both instances i've had the sudden urge to run out and take wildflower photos, and then i've been able to settle in to being productive with my free time.  i guess i just feel more grounded out in nature.

these were taken in an abandoned cow field on highway 109.  it's at the end of a dead end road where the cops like to hang out and chat and snag a few speeders now and then.  i'm not gonna lie.  i've been caught there before.  oops.

the goldenrod was just starting to bloom.  i should go take pictures again.  now the fields are just ablaze with it.  my son's allergies are not appreciative, but it sure is beautiful.

here is the gate i hopped.  i simply could not resist the promise of flowers nodding in the distance.  i was very careful to check for cows first.  i was not as careful of the ticks and brought home two of those.  ugh.

it was still early enough in the morning for the sunlight to be simply amazing.

more fascination with oversized seed pods.

more fascination with architectural plants.

such soft delicate ferns hiding in the grass.  i wonder how it would do if i brought one home with me.



i also have a thing for photographing foliage on fence lines.

morning glories.


transitioning from high summer to almost fall.

these had already closed up for the heat of the day, but were still beautiful.

a whole lot of happy.

linking up with annie at manneskjur for how does your garden grow?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

scrapbooker's blog tour: tagged!

i have been tagged by the lovely evie erickson at artful scrapbooking to participate in the scrapbookers' blog tour.  what a fun concept!  i always love hearing a little more about what my favorite scrapbookers are interest in at the moment.  i am a little late to the party, per usual (sorry, evie!), but here goes . . .
1.What am I working on right now?

good question!  at the moment, nothing.  i want to be working on some pocket pages, but haven't found any motivation.  or maybe that's not true.  maybe fall is a really busy time of year.  hmmm.  but, anyway, i'd like to make accompanying pocket pages for the layouts i created with my september jbs mercantile kits.  and then, my october jbs mercantile kits are ready to be picked up tomorrow.  it's always such fun to get my hands on new product.  i foresee some paper playing for this weekend.  maybe i will have a little peek to share with you soon.

2. How long does it take me to create a project?

an hour is a fast and focused layout.  this happens rarely.  pages can take days.  i tend to get the design part, the part that i love, done quickly and then a page can wait days for things like adhering, stitching, stamping, journaling, etc. to happen.  as you can imagine, this is a problematic habit in a feline household.  i often find little bits of my in progress pages scattered and in need of reassembly before the page is finally complete.

3. What are my favorite things to create at the moment?

last year i would have said my project life album pages.  i was so driven by my first year in that arena.  this year i am in love with layouts once more.  they are just so much more expressive.
2014 must be a contemplative year for me.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

i begin with the photos.  i think of what story, thoughts, or emotions i want to share with them.  then i begin  designing a page around that.  i find that i tell over half my story through color and theme.  this is the artistic side of scrapbooking for me.  i love conveying emotion through design.  

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

photos and the stories they tell are my inspiration.  i think i stay inspired through the social outlet of scrapbooking.  the scrapbooking community filled a huge void in my life ten years ago when i was alone with a newborn.  i will be forever grateful for the friendships i made at that time in my life that have supported and sustained me in so many ways.  i know one of my scrappy friends, christy strickler, brought this point up in episode #2 of the digi scrap geek (and, no, i am not a digi scrap geek, but inspiration is everywhere!).  knowing scrappy friends are scrapping is motivating.  i like to hang out on the get it scrapped! forums for this reason.  there are lots of scrappy peeps hanging out there who i relate to.

6. What is my signature style?

sometimes, i think style is over rated.  i like what i like.  i feel no need to conform, and yet, i feel no need to deliberately rebel.  i just do what comes naturally.  that being said, i am also very much a freedom loving organic scrapbooker.  i'm never particularly happy with a page that doesn't have an easy flow about it.  but then, as i said earlier, i do adore design.  i studied it quite a bit when i first started scrapbooking and do not like my pages to have glaring design flaws.  what can i say?  i am a series of contradictions and my pages show it.  :)

thanks so much for inviting me to share, evie!