Sunday, May 12, 2013

menu plan: muffin pan pizzas

these are a hit!  i'd make them again even if g didn't like them, but he says they are good.  and they are so easy!  basically, you just cut little circles out of wraps, push them to the bottoms of muffin tins, add your favorite pizza toppings, bake, and serve.  aren't they cute?  (and my childhood disney plate is cute too ;).  you can find the original recipe HERE.

i used la tortilla factory smart and delicious soft wraps made with extra vigin olive oil.  they were indeed smart (as in healthy) and delicious.  they have a 10 inch diameter and the glass i used to cut out the mini circles had a diameter of just slightly over 3 inches.  i was able to get 7 complete circles and one more almost out of one wrap.

for the filling, i used a heaping tablespoon of traditional prego with added ground beef.  then each had a slice of fresh grape tomato, a slice of mushroom, fresh grated parmesan cheese, and mini turkey pepperoni.  i don't usually like turkey pepperoni.  we got these on accident, but they were actually okay in the smaller size.

try them, you'll like them.  and they seem pretty healthy as far as pizza goes.

this week's menu:
sunday - mother's day out
monday - rotisserie chicken, baked potatoes, baked green beans (both baked with olive oil and sea salt)
tuesday - mexican out with the science teachers at mjhs
wednesday - spaghetti night at church
thursday - chicken parmesan
friday - campout!
saturday - hamburger and mac&cheese

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  1. Yum, that's a great idea, I think I'll be trying these on the children.