Sunday, August 18, 2013

get it scrapped!: august photo a day challenge

a few of us over on the get it scrapped! message board have put together a photo a day challenge for august.  the theme is quirky and so far it's a lot of fun.  there has been much "cheating" though as the photo a day part has pretty much turned into more of a scavenger hunt to take pics to go with the categories willy nilly as you will.  i'm in!  this is my first batch.  i'm slightly behind, but i'm hoping to visit a friend's new house and go to the fair this week, so photo ops should abound. 

august -  the first day of school was august first.  i know some of you are just starting and can't believe we've already got over two weeks under our belts here in the south.  i've managed to take a pic of g on the first day of school every year so far.  i love this one as i've obviously caught him mid speal.  my boy has a lot to say . . .

water works - we have a teeny watermelon!  how cute is it?  squeal!  the plant that cousin avery gave us is producing!  it's actually tripled in size since i took this photo.

blue skies smiling at me - we've had a lot of overcast days here in tennessee.  i'm not complaining and neither are the flowers.  i picked up this one in the clearance section at lowe's earlier this summer and it has bloomed it's little heart out for me.  it's still going strong and the foliage stays so beautiful with minimal care.  the common name is "blue daze."  i'll definitely be looking for more next year.

cat nap - we dragon sat for a friend when he had to go out of town for his grandmother's funeral.  pepito enjoyed watching fred hanging out.

new - now i'm typically not in the habit of taking selfies of myself in the dressing room.  i took this one as a joke for a friend.  i kept raving about this sweater and she couldn't believe i'd actually buy it.  here's the proof carrie!  i love this sweater.  it's florescent peach with this happy little hedgehog on the front.  i think it perfectly suits my personality: warm and vibrant, but a little prickly if you get to close.  or maybe that describes women in general?

a full plate - g made breakfast for me.  scrambled eggs and smoked sausage.  yum.

if the shoes fits - my favorite new sandals from the gap that i had to e6000 the soles after just one wear.  they're good now.  whew.  toenails colors are razz berry and peach beach by sally hanson xtreme.  it's my favorite new combo.

architecture - i was totally delighted that we finally have new neighbors in the house next door and it's an awesome young couple.  g was totally delighted that the guy is a landscaper and trimmed the branches on his bradford pear the first day he moved in.  g has been hauling those limbs over to our house ever since.  his first project was this lean to.  then he made a bow and arrow.  next up is a teepee.

you're my favorite - i sowed some wildflower seeds right in front of my parking space at the beginning of the summer.  they have grown and blossomed into a spectacular sight.  the butterflies and bees have loved them and they make me so happy every afternoon when i drive up after school.

don't bug me - we found this ugly bug on it's last legs right outside our door one day.  we think chichi caught it, played with it for a while, then left it as a gift for us.  thanks kitty.

bloom where you are planted - this plant grew up from under our deck.  i kinda liked the foliage, so i let it grow.  then it started blooming and the delicate blossoms were very pretty.  one of our friends says it's "poke salad."  apparently you can cook the leaves like turnip greens.  no thanks!  below is a clearer pic.  it had just rained when i took these, so my camera lens was fogged up in the first one.

come join us if you're looking for some fun photo motivation this month!  i'm hoping to post more challenge pics this weekend.  :)


  1. Doris - great photos!!! You look great!!!

  2. Great photos! Careful of the pokeberry plant, it's actually toxic so don't let kitty chew on it. To make that southern cuisine poke salad, it would be cooked three times in three changes of boiling water to remove some of the harmful components (yikes!)...we have it grow in the woods behind our house...the birds love to eat the seeds that turn purple in the Fall...and then spread the seeds further in the circle of life. :)

  3. These photos are awesome, Doris. The shirt made me LOL. I can't imagine you being prickly! Electric peach, yes. Prickly, no. I love the wild flowers. I keep trying to plant wild flower mix seeds, but our landscape people weed them- even when I put up large signs in 3 languages. Also, that bug IS ugly... I'm glad we have boring, little bugs here.

  4. These photos really are awesome -- I must agree! I can't believe how quickly G is growing up. Whoosh. Seriously!

  5. Fun snapshots Doris.Thanks for sharing. I need to get snapping.

  6. awww! look at G! look at you! look at that watermelon! love these shots D!

  7. I saw this and thought of you:

    Boy humor meets hedgehog. :) Enjoy!

  8. Great seeing the different take on things