Wednesday, May 2, 2012

menu plan 18: week in the life day seven

i threw away a decomposing head of lettuce this week.  may it rest in peace.  i am am a menu planning healthy eating fail.  must get back on the wagon next week.  at least i'm about to get the fridge cleaned out so i can start fresh.

this week's menu plan:
saturday - chinese take-out
sunday - logan's
monday - redfish
tuesday - spaghetti
wednesday - poppyseed chicken
thursday - leftovers
friday - open

this was week in the life day seven.  logans for lunch.  we were going to go to red lobster to finally use the birthday gift cards, but there wasn't one in the part of town we were in.  guess we have something to look forward to next sunday!

then we went on some gman errands.  he wanted water lilly plants, but i convinced him we could not grow water lillies in the house and he didn't want to plant them in the pond becasue he said he couldn't watch them there.  he has definite ideas about things.  he decided he wanted a cactus then.  g likes to watch things grow, not take care of things that are already grown, so i knew a regular cactus would become a forgotten part of the scenery by the next day.  i grew cacti from parts as a kid, so i picked up a few succulent leaves that had fallen on the shelves and had him plant them when we got home.  i kinda like this project myself.

the skies have been so amazingly gorgeous here this week.  beautiful.  i keep hearing that song in my head, "blue skies smiling at me. nothing but blue skies do i see."

 our current stack of library books.

g's treat from michael's.  i think the booger is a little grosser than disgusting science needed to be really.

my treat from michael's.  i'm anxious to begin playing with them!  but i'm thinking that purple won't get used much, lol.

week in the life was such a fun adventure.  hoping to get the pics edited and printed so i can finish the mini-album this weekend.  more fun times ahead.  :)


  1. these posts are so much fun to read doris!

  2. I am envious of your booklist. You always read such good books. I know what you mean about eating healthy. Sometimes I have very good intentions and it never gets further than that. I began making green smoothies a few years ago and that helps a lot. Made with milk and frozen bananas and you can barely taste the spinach. They taste like ice-cream!

  3. How could you throw me under the bus like that!?!?!!!
    Us scrappers have always stuck together and covered each other...I dare say it could have been worse had I not put a bunch of stuff! Truth be known, I would go again...but I will wait another 6 months like I did this if you look at it from a monthly cost, it's not that bad...! Sure was fun though! Even the fact that dinner was done when we got home by the oldest 'teen' there! Now THAT was the absolute best part for me! Sit and eat a yummy dinner someone else cooked, while we perused the spoils...ahhhhh! Good day!