Wednesday, May 2, 2012

week in the life: day six

i kept up with the picture taking on day six, but didn't get around to blogging them.  then sunday i lost my picture taking oomph midday and had to restage a few today.  yes.  i'm a restager.  i should put a disclaimer on my sidebar, lol.  anyhoo.  wanted to get them blogged so i'll have a memory of it here.  that's the best way for me to keep up with it until i get it in the mini-album.

so day six . . . the sleepover boys woke up at 6:30.  ouch!  they had watched "little shop of horror" clips on youtube all evening the night before, so they ended up reenacting that all morning until blake had to go to his ballgame.  i guess i'm not the only reenacter in the family, lol.

 "i said a FEED me seymour!"

i, of course, scrapped while the boys played.  thought i'd get this layout done, but i didn't.  i feel like it needs a few background splats and i tend to screw up when i try to splat.  i have splat induced stress.

shamefully, rarely a day passes without a trip to the golden arches for coke.

saturday was a playdate double-header.  after blake left, we threw our things together and went to jeremiah's house for the afternoon/evening.  g and jeremiah stayed with tammy's teenagers while she and i went on a pilgrimage to archiver's.  my first trip!  it was fun!  and i controlled myself way better than tammy did.  ha!

and, of course, the boys were doing more experiments.  here they're grabbing bark for some slime mold experiment g read about in one of his library books.  fun times.  :)

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