Wednesday, June 6, 2012

dirty footprints studio's 21 secrets: dina wakley

finally back to the art journaling!  i signed up for dirty footrprint studio's "21 secrets" back in march and finally opened it up and got started last weekend.  thank goodness it's a self-paced class, right?  the class looked like a good deal with 21 lessons from 21 different artists.  it appears that there are videos plus pdfs from each artist.  i did dina wakley's lesson, "intuitive painted layers," first as i know dina rocks it.  she did.  i was a bit scared of this one at first, but i love how it turned out in the end (you were so right briana).  i hope to crank out all 21 lessons this summer.  yay summer vacation!

i can't give away any of dina's secrets as i know how hard she works.  but i did want to tell you of a couple little snippets about my page.  as in i finally scored a julie balzer crafter's workshop cloud stencil and used it even.  la la love.  i love clouds.  i love stencils.  i love julie art.  what's not to love?

i also used several of my new tim holtz distress stains that may and terena talked me into buying.  dina suggests using two similar tones of paint which i mostly didn't have.  instead i used a paint and a stain.  there was a learning curve, but i'm thinking i will be playing with this combo a lot and i'm proud to have used more unused things.

hope to be back with another art journal sample soon!  i'm thinking julie's lesson will be next!  :)

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