Monday, June 4, 2012


i meant to post this yesterday.  ooops.  i find my way back to my blogging routine one of these days.  this was from the may jbs mercantile kit (there are still a few left and one of the artisan from which i got the small alphas).  it's super straight in real life.  i just seemed to have photographed it wonky.  it makes me laugh.  i chose to post this next from my backlog as it really fit what the last day of school was like.  g woke up with a bad cough.  he could barely stop, so i assumed he had the wheezies again and took him to the doctor.  for the first time in history it actually wasn't the wheezies.  and then he puked in the backseat of my new car on the way home.  this was the ensuing convo:

me:  what color is it?
g: yellow and bacon colored.  i think it's the eggs.
me:  no red?
g: no
me:  did any puke get on the ipad?
g: only a little.
me: let me see!  hand it to me!
g: a little got on the library book too.
me: did the pages get puked or just the cover.
g: not too much. only a little on the pages.
me.  ok.

yes.  and school is indeed out, but i signed up to teach two weeks of summer school and then to take two days of inservice after that.  the end of school was very anticlimatic for me this year since i'm not really done.  big big sigh.  feeling very bleary eyed this morning.  yawn.


  1. that page is awesome. love the layering w/ the transparency!

  2. ha! i can totally see this -- sooo funny!