Thursday, November 15, 2012

get it scrapped: house motifs

this is one i made specifically for the get it scrapped! article, "what's your motif? ideas for using houses on a scrapbook page."  as you can see, it was an absolute delight to create.  the mixing of prints here was SO MUCH FUN.  i'm a firm believer that no scrapper can have too many pieces of patterned paper whether they be full sheets or small bits that are just too pretty to pass on.

i mention this is the article, but i think this was the third time i tried to scrapbook this set of photos.  i simply adore them, but i just couldn't make them work for me on the first two attempts.  i think maybe it was the darkness as i'd printed them prior to learning any real photoshop skills (g sure was a cute little guy back then, wasn't he?).  i think two factors finally made them work this time, the little folk art house and the title directly on the photos.  i talk about the house in the article, so i wanted to mention the title here.  before, it just seemed that the photos were a dark spot on the page.  this time by overlaying that bright cheeful yellow print title across the two photos, they were livened up and in tune with the rest of the page.  it's a trick i must remember the next time i dig into my oldies but goodies of the gman!

if you're interested in a supply list, it's also included in the article mentioned up, but beware! i dug deep into my stash for this one, so there are some oldies but goodies in the scrapbook product department on it as well.  :)

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