Sunday, November 11, 2012

10 on the 11th: mustard post

well.  i figure you all were tired of my ketchup posts by now, so i decided i'd do a mustard post this month (please pardon my faulty sense of humor).  at least we have the lovely shimelle around to remind me to blog at least once a month.  sigh.

good news!  i got the jbs mercantile gallery updates loaded last night!  and i've added my two just now which brings the grand total of new fabulousness to 30!  that's worth a looksee for sure!

my sweet potato turned 9 in october!  his last year in single digits.  sniff sniff.  we're still planning his plants vs. zombies birthday party, so stay tuned for that.

i got to plant pansies into my own soil!  i've gotten half of them planted at least.  i need to invest in a trowel before spring that's for sure.  this rocky soil and a kitchen spoon make digging a bit tough.

we've had the most gorgeous fall foilage.  stunning really.  my toes are not stunning.  really.  it was actually g's suggestion to paint them black for halloween.  i thought that was kinda funny as last summer when i bought this bottle of polish he wanted to know why in the world would i ever paint my toes black.  i dunno.  i kinda like the emo toes.

big boy third grader made the honor roll the first nine weeks.  yay!  we actually have high hopes for this year as the times tables are MUCH easier for him that i ever thought they'd be based on his previous track record in the math department.

my pumpkin pie cookies were a huge hit at the cub scout bake sale.  yay!  the cute signs were decorated with some of lisa dickinson's new digital cuts.  fun times.

there has been lots of fort building and sleepovers of late.  you can see g's toesies bottom left and blakes socks top right.  hee.

hilarious, right?  g decided a couple weeks before halloween that he wanted to be a werewold instead fo the pajama king that he'd been talking about all year.  he told me i had to wear my animal control t-shirt.  the really funny part here is that's actually my latest faculty t-shirt from the high school.  ha!

g has started calling himself the cat whisperer.  it is THE most bizarre thing to me.  chichi, the one on the right, has NEVER liked g.  did the lean when he's try to pet her and would run off he he didn't take the hint.  since we've moved into the new place she actually LIKES him.  will even crawl in his lap OF HER OWN FREE WILL.  strange.  very strange.

g went to his first wrestling practice wednesday.  i was a bit worried, but he LOVED it!  raised his hand to ask the coach when the next practice was.  yea!  maybe we've found a sport for him finally. 

hope your week's off to a good start!  i counted.  i have 18 unposted layouts.  craziness, right?  i need to get busy!


  1. wait - you can plant pansies in November in Tennessee?!
    That leaf is amazing! Are you sure you didn't pull out your photoshop skills on that?! LOVE the animal control photo - G is so adorable and so are you!
    Wrestling is a great sport - go G!

  2. and woah D - your layouts in the gallery are amazing!