Tuesday, October 23, 2012

magical maple leaf mantel

i guess you noticed i just posted last week's blog hop.  i thought i published it wednesday, but i found it still in draft just now.  ooops.  so.  let's say you leave a comment on this post and i'll pick a winner this friday.  yes?  by the way, this is my mantel in it's current state.  i haven't been doing much unpacking still.  i did take the time to make a sweet fall garland though.  i love it!
i blatantly copied lisa dickinson's idea.  you blatantly copy lisa dickinson, right?  i thought so.  she is awesome.  she designed these maple leaf cuts too.  they're my favorite.

this garland was super easy to make.  the jbs cuts are .dxf files which means they download directly to the silhouette cameo.  NO EXTRA STEPS NECESSARY.  believe me, if doris can do it, it's easy.

three of the leaves have titles on them in the cut file.  i found that if i clicked on the words it would grab parts of them and then hitting delete would get rid of them.  i just kept clicking on the word bits and hitting delete till i got the titles all off.

i then cut five sets of the leaves.  three of these sets had both sides in appropiate colors for my garland.  two of the sets had brightly colored prints that didn't match.  it was these two sets that i cut into three pieces per leaf.  i then layered these pieces onto the whole leaves and stitched the edged to get the quilted look.

i then just stapled my leaves to a piece of yarn and hung it on my new mantel.  i feel festive even if my house is still a mess. :)

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