Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 on the 10th(ish): ketchup post

i knew i shouldn't brag about blogging.  the big move has gotten me so behind.  eeps.  at least i figure shimelle's 10 on the 10th post is a good opportunity for getting caught up here.  now getting caught up on life is going to take a lot longer.  sigh.

i've been a busy girl at get it scrapped!  there are tons of new articles up (daily inspiration!) including "ideas for using menswear inspired patterns on your scrapbook pages" which features this page.  the title on it actually came from the topic assigned.  this layout was also included in september's masterful scrapbook design, "on trend."  i'm currently gearing up for november's masterful scrapbook design, "scrapbooking old photos."  busy busy busy!
another amazing experience i've been involved in is get it scrapped's new guided-study critique groups.  our last group meeting is tonight, but yay! we've got another session starting the end of the month (i believe there are only 3 spots left right now).

i got the jbs mercantile gallery updates loaded late last night.  it's well worth a visit as there are 32 beautiful new projects, including four from our newest designer, karine cazenave-tapie.  i have 3 belated projects myself, but really need to make tons more with the super fab october kits.
we announced the new jbs ambassadors design team.  so excited to be working with these talented girls in the upcoming year.

onto a more personal note.  we're currently getting our christmas craft on, wrapping styrofoam balls with strips torn from old goodwill oxfords.  they're so pretty!

we're wrapping them while listening to tracie's christmas pandora station in sherri's cabin in gatlinburg.  good friends, good eats, and good fun in a gorgeous environment.  yes!

g has already had 3 playdates at the new house.  on this past one they played roblox irl with packing boxes.  fun!

we took a walk on the greenway right before the big move.  i love the watching the changing seasons there and took lots of instagrams.

we had a great cub scout campout at lannom farms.  g finally conquered his fear of heights enough to climb up on the big hay bales.  hooray!

g has started loosing his canines.  i was a bit nervous when they started wiggling until i googled it and realized he had another set he hadn't lost yet that were due out at 9 (which he turns in 9 more days).  of course, the tooth fairy wasn't prepared, so she had to write a check.  at least we had the cute tooth fairy pillow to stuff it in.  thanks bridgette!

and that's about it, more or less.  :)


  1. oh love those ornaments -
    and i can't believe you got this post in ... after a move!

  2. Looks like a very busy time for you!