Tuesday, October 9, 2012

we've moved . . .

 to a little house in the country . . .

 on an acre of land . . .

 with 17 trees . . .

 and my very own scraproom!  what more could a girl want?

okay, a fridge would be nice (tackling this necessity as soon as we get back from vacation) . . .

 and an interior designer (what in the world do i put on that big empty wall?) . . .

and an unpacking fairy (because the washi tape box is such an obvious location for packing the salt and pepper shakers!).  :)


  1. Congrats again to you on your beautiful new home!

  2. I am so absolutely happy for you! You know how I love that pic of G standing by the mailbox. And all those trees and all that land!

  3. oh doris - it's such a great house. so excited for you and g!

  4. What a neat place...you and G will love the acre of land and the trees...Lots of bug catching opportunities there! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of "your" space...Fun stuff!!

  5. oh gosh Doris - i just love this house!

  6. Doris! It looks beautiful. congrats.