Friday, July 31, 2015

masterful scrapbook design: pocket pages

tracie claiborne thinks she made a big mess.  i think she's right, but i also think my mess might be a little bit bigger.  regardless, of who as the bigger mess, a dubious distinction at best, i'm super excited to be teaching with her at masterful scrapbook design this fall.  the topic is pocket page design.  i've seen peeks from all the designer, and i think it's going to be rather fabulous.  if you need some pocket page inspiration, i hope you'll join us.  :)


  1. Definitely looking forward to the pocket page class!!

  2. Aren't we ALL a mess when we are creating? I know I am. But I am disciplined enough to put everything away after each project and start all over again. Sometimes---who am I kidding---most of the time, it's not just my work table---but the floor all around me too. I find myself tip-toeing through the crap and sometimes tripping over stuff! Are there any really "neat" crafters out there?