Wednesday, July 25, 2012

jbs mercantile august sneak peeks!

the jbs mercantile august sneaks just went up and i'm in love with them all.  i'm telling you, you're going to see some great stuff come out of this kit.  you just wait.  here is my peek.  that's little me back in the 70s.  this kit really struck me as being great for school layouts and seemed to have a strong 70s vibe, so i dug out one of my old school photos.  i think this one is circa 1976.  what a towhead!  "oh!"  and can you tell i'm really having fun with the patterned paper this month?  i tell you, i just started happily cutting away with no plan in mind.  that was so refreshing.  and i love the results!  do go check what the other girls have done!  it's totally worth a looksee!

and the journaling for my sister (who apparently hasn't been reading facebook lately) - being the youngest of five, mom was a little worn out by the time i came along.  i had beautiful golden hair, but really no one took the time to brush it except once a year on picture day.  i did the best i could, but i had a semi-permanent rat's nest underneath till about fourth grade.

p.s. woe is me. ironically, i have to go back to school tomorrow. big BIG sigh.


  1. oh my gosh - you were so cute!

    oh dear - back to school?! keep summer in your heart D!

  2. I can't believe summer is over and you go back tomorrow...Ahhhh you are so cute...And I use to have one of those rats nests in the back of my hair too..for more years than I care to remember! We weren't raised by our mother, but our grandmother and she was so over it, so us girls were on our own every single day. LOL...I love your all your stuff and the little details.

  3. Haven't stopped by in a while, love the new blog design. Will have to check out the JBS kit.

  4. I loooove this page! I love hearing people's traumatic school photo stories, lol :)