Saturday, July 21, 2012

pinteresting: wipeout

the gman isn't prone to falling asleep like this; he must have been going through a growth spurt during the time period when these two photos were taken.  they crack me up but are also so very sweet.  kisses to my baby.  xoxo.

this layout was inspired by a piece i pinned on pinterest a while back.  wow.  that pinterest is an awesome place.  i hadn't been in a while and might just have to get lost there for the rest of the night.  i have directions and a supply list for this one posted on easy scrapbook pages if you'd like to know a little more about it.  i'm off to pin! 

edited to add the journaling for my sister - you're like me.  not much of a napper.  so it's always funny to find you falling asleep somewhere.  you've got a savage tan in these two pics, so i'm guessing they were taken in the summer, probably during cub scout day camp week or after a sleepover with blake.


  1. Those pictures just made me smile. Those boys just go til they drop. And your layout is pure awesomenesss....I love it...I might have to scraplift this one.

  2. I hope you do! I'd love to see it Louise! It sure was a neat piece on Pinterest that inspired me. :)

  3. Those pictures are so adorable. I love the page you made. You are so creative.