Thursday, July 19, 2012

the zombies ate my brains . . .

the zombies ate my brains, but don't worry.  there will be no blood in this post. only ketchup.  seriously.  i don't even play video games.  well, i did play angry birds for two weeks back in october when i got my first ever smartphone.  and i did get hooked on marble lines back in the day when i first discovered facebook, but that was only at sherri's house as i didn't have a mouse.  but this.  plants vs. zombies.  oh my.  i stayed up till 5am playing it one night.  what else is there to say?  i need a 12 step program.

we spent the fourth of july on the beach in florida.  wow!  what an amazing experience.  we could see the fireworks show put on by the "townies" on our left and the fireworks put on by the "beach kids" on our right.  and everyone along the beach had their own stash to contribute, some even smuggled in from alabama.  so much fun.  ok, so some of the shooters may have spent a little too much time with jack to be using explosives, but overall it was an awesome experience that i hope to repeat next year.

and does anyone else wonder why . . . no matter how much you think you're going to get done on vacation . . . no matter how much you pack in the trunk of your vehicle . . . you never get anything done while visiting the 'rents.  i fondly refer to it as the black hole.  i get sucked into the lazy void and no productivity comes out.

upon returning home, i have tried to get back on track.  i made g and i to do lists.  we each tried to talk our respective kitties into tackling them.  neither one of us met with any success in that arena.  g actually managed to finish his while i only got halfway through before getting sidetracked.  that was last friday.  hmmm.  i think i'll give him another list tomorrow as a reward for all that hard work.

i haven't been much of a blogger lately, it's true.  oh, but i am an instagramming fool.  wanna know what i'm doing?  get on instagram and follow the minutia of my days.  yes, i'm one of those.  can't help it.  love putting little hearts on other people's happenings.  it's so easy to spread the love there.

oh look!  i have gotten a few things done this month.  the jbs mercantile july gallery went up.  i have four layouts there if you want to take a gander.

i got three projects done for jenni for cha too!  haven't edited those photos yet, but i'll get to it soon.  meanwhile, you can check out a great review of jenni's booth and new product on shimelle's blog.

i got a special deliverty from two peas in a bucket today.  pretty pretty.  really happy with the simple stories 6x8 album that i purchased.  i am actually contemplating a bit of project life action on a minor scale.  i'll keep you posted on that one.  you know i've been holding it at arm's length all year, but i think maybe.

one thing i am sure about.  salads!  bridgette, lisa, and i are on a salad a day challenge for the month of july.  so far it's going dang good.  i didn't realize i liked salads so much!  hoping that by eating it every day for 21+ days it will become a habit that i can stick with once school starts (shhhhh.  we don't want to talk about that last thing i mentioned just yet.  trying to pretend it's not really gonna happen).

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