Wednesday, February 5, 2014

52 weeks: january squares

i'm five weeks into my 52 week project and loving it!  how fun are these squares?  and looking at them, i am totally amazed that i can document my life in color.  radical!

i'm making two squares per week to ensure that my granny square afghan fits the queen size bed with room to spare.  go big or go home!  for the second square, i'm simply reversing my color sequence for variety (or in the case of the black one, flipping the colors).

week two:  my seminoles played in the rose bowl and winning the national championship!  i actually stress crocheted these during the game.  and ironically, it was the first national championship game that i've ever watched them play in as i was living in guatemala in 1993 and in honduras in 1999.

week three:  represents my kitty, chichi.  she's grey and white with green eyes and a little pink nose.

week four:  martin luther king, jr's birthday.  i so appreciate the way he lived his life.

week five:  coming home (basketball homecoming) at my morning high school.  go bears!

i know the color mix when they are all together is rather outlandish, but i like it.  i just love color.  i mean, who doesn't love opening up a 64 count box of crayolas?

i'm going to enjoy watching this stack grow this year.  :)


  1. this is GREAT! the squares represent the theme of the week soooo well too!

  2. it is delightful and will be lovely for you to snuggle under all that colour.