Monday, February 17, 2014

one little word: jbs mercantile february gallery updates

here's the next installment of my holiday album.  i think january is mostly completed and now i'm starting in on february.  i am absolutely having so much fun with this project.  i think it might be my most favorite scrapbook project ever.  this is the intro to february, created with a couple amazing pieces from the february jbs mercantile antiquarian kit (the dt gallery has been updated, btw.  be sure to check it out for some more amazing inspiration!).

 the rest of these pages are mostly from the january kits.  i finally got my intro page done!  hooray!

this page makes me SO hungry.  i challenged myself to make a soup a week in january and now i'm thinking i should still be making a soup a week, like, forever.  love, love, love soup!

crack me up.  i do not like peas.  some of you may not be aware, but black eyed peas is a southern tradition to bring luck if eaten on new year's day.  i don't need that kinda luck.  ha!

my seminoles winning the rose bowl and national championship.  oh that was a happy day!

and this page on the left is an idea that i've picked up from corrie jones.  i love the way she makes a page about herself each month.  i've decided to borrow that concept for each month in my holiday album.  last year i challenged myself to take a pic of my son and i each month.  this year i want to continue with that, but i'm going to add journaling about what we're each doing/loving that month.

when i started this project, i had no idea what direction it would take.  now with a month under my belt, i've got some definite ideas about what i'd like to include each month.  these are:

a pretty, festive intro page for each month (and probably an overlay with it too)
a photo of my son and i and the accompanying journaling
a page of quotes for the month
a page of recipes
a calendar with birthdays
holidays highlighted

so, so fun.  this has helped me stay on track with my one little word and is actually making me feel happier each month.  no kidding.  :)


  1. i love this. i feel very inspired. a soup a week! i have honestly never thought about recording my love of food and cooking - until now

  2. Doris I'm loving the inspo you are giving me! How did I miss what your one little word is for 2014? Please clue me in. :)

  3. Love, love your album concept. I think that I will borrow some of your ideas to start one. Thanks!!! I found heard about it on the memory keeper's life podcast.