Monday, February 17, 2014

happy (belated) valentine's day

i have been sleepy for the last several days and have just not had the energy to blog after all the day's regular activity and work are finished.  i think i slept well enough last night and i'm two days into a new prescription for iron pills, but i still figured i'd better start presidents' day with the valentine's day blog post just in case the sleepies hit again later on.

i simply can't skip valentines' day even though i'm three days late in posting it, as i'm sure i'll enjoy reading and remembering it next year.  here is my february mantel.  you're right!  it's a stripped down version of christmas.  turns out the base pieces are just so easy to adapt for the next holiday.  i also kept my flower bedecked stag.  he may stay up through spring.

i crocheted all these cute little hearts and strung them on a length of crochet thread.  this pattern was simple and quick, quick.  the pompoms i bought and strung as well.  these sure came in handy for the school's photobooth.  and i was proud that they got a trip out in public.

i had gabriel draw me a new picture to tack up.  he is so sweet like that.

and i bought myself flowers.  i'm not sure why i never do that.  i mean, i buy the kinds with roots all spring and summer, but for some reason i have been resistant to purchasing cut flowers.  perhaps i will turn over a new leaf.  they are very pretty and happy.

valentines' day itself was a happy one too.

my day started with a gifted breakfast at mcdonald's
i then helped orchestrate gifts between young love at my morning high school
my students remembered me with chocolate and flowers
i helped run the valentines' day photo booth at the afternoon high school
my son reported that his valentines were a hit again this year
my dad called to chat
g and i caught dinner and a movie at providence cinemas
the lego movie was much more entertaining than i expected
i bought myself flowers and girl scout cookies on the way home

life is good.  i hope you were able to find some sparks of loveliness in your day as well.  :)

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