Monday, July 7, 2014

me on monday

happy monday to you!  sian has a new meme, "me on monday." that i thought i'd join in with as i'm in a bloggy mood today. 

chichi has that satisfied look on her face because her people are home.  i think she wants to remain in my lap all day.  not possible though as i have a few things to do.

i have that satisfied look on my face from waking up in my own bed.  that's always so nice after a vacation.  i am also still on summer break and didn't have to get up for work on this fine monday morning.  smiles for miles.

so far this morning i have made a mcd's run for hotcakes, taken g to the art mill with his cub scout pack, gone to the grocery in order to eliminate the need for any more mcd's runs in the near future, and blogged.

on tap for this afternoon will be cooking tortilla soup, taking the boys to the lake for a swim, pulling a few weeds, unpacking, and more blogging.  i find it is best to re-enter real life slowly after a beach vacation. :)

how is your monday progressing?


  1. "re-enter real life slowly"---who are you kidding. Sounds like you hit the ground running this Monday!!

  2. Hi Doris, it's great to see you ) I'm giving you a wave and hoping you have a great week