Wednesday, February 1, 2012

mini-album: "picture windows"

briana was the brave one and went first with the inaugural jbs mercantile design team mini-album kit.  "paper kisses" was a very hard act to follow.  i was a bit nervous.  then to add to my anxiety, this bad boy gave me fits two days running.  but i persevered and overcame and behold . . . drum roll please . . . i bring you . . . "picture windows!"

 i'm so delighted with the way it turned out.  four mini-albums in one!  all displayed in an elegant black wooden frame.

my favorite part is this border punched edge.  it turned out even better than i imagined.  love it when that happens (ok, really my favorite part is the bee charm.  it makes me giddy with glee.  yes wendy, this is for YOU!  but the bee charm is MINE!  it will be minus the bee charm when i hand it over.  sorry!).

the pics are all from a photo shoot with my cutie patootie niece.  isn't she adorable?  and such an awesome little model.  we changed her outfit like six times and took a bazillion pics and she stayed all smiles the whole time.

the sweet micro minis are less than 2x2 inches and held together with a floral "paper clip."  the mini-album kits now arrive at your door complete with color copied instructions so you can get started right away.  if you're considering this one, you should make a decision right away.  there were only 12 left the last time i checked and the newsletter will most likely go out this evening . . .


  1. This is BRILLIANT. Inspired use of the 7Gypsies frame. Great job D!! :)

  2. This is so lovely, Doris!! I can't wait to make something with this!