Monday, February 6, 2012

"wren" by jenni bowlin studio: happy little birdie

can't wait to see this sweet birdie next month when we head down to florida for spring break.  she is always such a happy smily little thing.  the curly topped neice is home from england too, so it'll be double the delight this trip.  i need to make sure my camera's in top form as photo ops will abound!

this is another layout i made from the jbs booth at cha, this time featuring the "wren" line that will begin shipping in april i think.  i was working with it again this morning making more of the valentine tags and believe me i am hoarding all the little bits.  this line is special.  stunning really.  unless you're cool renee and don't quite like our birdie friends.


  1. I am so in love with this page, Doris! I can't wait to get some Wren!! Your niece is just the sweetest thing!!

  2. You have an adorable subject in the photos! I love how you incorporated the text paper, the layers, and birds in such a wa y to add interest but not overshasdow the photos! Wow!