Monday, March 12, 2012

Science Shenanigans

i should have expected this from any son of mine.  his speech is permeated with scientific jargon.  i would expect most 8 year old boys to ask how old they'll be when they grow up not "what age will i be when i reach my full maturity?"  he is one funny geek in the making.  above is an experiment we conducted last week.  public service announcement: when your kid's debating between a $30 science kit and a $12 science experiment book at books a million do not rejoice when he chooses the $12 book as you will then spend countless more dollars and hours running around town to groceries and pet stores for "science supplies."

today has been another good day for my budding biologist.  within an hour of arriving in florida he had his habitat filled with toads and crickets and had scoped out the good lizarding spots at the grandparents'.  even better he'd talked papa into hunting a queen ant for his new ant habitiat.  yes my 80+ year old father was wandering the yard with a shovel digging up fire ant hills.  fun times. 


  1. LOL, at Totally Irresponsible Science, bawahah!!! i was wondering when you would get there - glad to know yall are there safe and sound and the fun has begun!