Friday, December 6, 2013

good blog reads

well, friends.  we are celebrating tonight our first "snow" day of the season.  a two hour early dismissal due to the "threat" of inclement weather.  i've said it before and i'll say it again.  i do so love being a southerner living in the south.  as soon as we left school, we went to pick up g's sleepover playdate, made a quick pit stop at the dollar general for supplies, and then rushed home to hole up for the night.  i quickly forgot all about elise's #mileaday challenge.  meh.  i'm sure all the walking in the freezing cold that i'll be doing tomorrow during the christmas parade will more than make up for it.  i've been merrily printing photos all eveningfor this year's december daily that i have yet to start in between supervising g's baking extravaganza.  now i'm ready to hit the sack and remembered i have yet to blog.  in an effort to keep at least one of my daily activities afloat, i am throwing down a quickie post.  just a very few good blog reads that i had in que.  enjoy!  and now i'm off to snuggle under the quilts with a good book and bejeweled blitz.  :)

this one is a sweet college student in england who dabbles in writing, crafting, and digital project lifing.  i'm enjoying getting to know her.

really really lovely nature photography.  it relaxes me.

neat nature collages with a bit of yarnwork thrown in.

this one appears to be a photography blog that showcases a variety of photographers.  i read a couple really good posts on natural lighting there.

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