Tuesday, December 31, 2013

happy last day of 2013!

aaaaaah today!  today has been the best of days!  no work.  at least not school work.  the boys were up till 2:30 last night when i awoke and told them they really should head to bed or they wouldn't make it on new year's eve.  they then slept in till 11:00.  good practice for the teen years that are fast approaching.  but not yet.  for now my baby is still a sweet baby.  2013 was a good year for us. 

i would wax philosophical now, but the eve of a new year always has me so excited for new plans and a fresh start. my ocd thrives this time of year.  i mean, look at this new daily planner!  i finally put pencil to its virgin pages today.  hello lover!  i think i have stumbled upon a winner too.  i've seen many bloggers put a little sticky note on each calendar date.  i always thought this was clever, but not for me.  but today i thought to put my ideas in list form at the bottom of each column.  that way i can pencil them in as i go, but keep them all together in the correct spot too.  and i can even move the little lists to the next month if i don't make it through them.  yes!  i think this might work for me!

i have been such a busy little bee today!  while the boys slept and after they woke up, i scrapped.  the jbs mercantile january kits were oh so inspiring to me.  they have a very festive and fresh feel to them this month.  and a little wintery too.  perfection.  i have a good start on my one little word album and i'm anxious to share it with you tomorrow.  the reveal is tonight at midnight cst!  happy new year!

if you're looking for a little scrappy focus to get the creative juices flowing, check out debbie hodge's latest class at masterful scrapbook design.  it's called "rule play" and we'll be talking about how awesome it is to break the rules.  sounds fun, right?  here's a little peek at one of my projects.  can't wait to get my hands on the seminar!  2014 is going to be awesome!

happy new year everyone!

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