Monday, December 30, 2013

project life: december daily

happy new year's eve eve!  per usual i have way too many loose ends to be able to tie them all up in two days.  ah well.  i will go with the glass half full outlook and claim that this is because there are so many awesome things to do in this world and i want to do them all!  it has nothing to do with procrastinating.  oh no!

the good news is that i have a picture/moment of some sort for each and every day of december so far.  today and tomorrow will be easy as today we are going to the lego store with friends and tomorrow is new year's eve!  woah!  2014!  i'm ready for you in a not at all ready sort of way!

on this spread i decided to put vellum overlays on all the non-photo slots.  it was fun.   my martha stewart snowflake punches got a little workout.  those have been the best little investments.

i ended up putting star confetti under the vellum and sealing all the sides with washi tape.  

and here is another unshared page that i found as i was flipping through the project life albums.  it's the last week of july.  the last hurrah before school started back for us.  aaaaaaaaaah look at all those lovely flowers and vegetables.  anyone else anxiously counting the days till the spring equinox?

 much of this spread is from the jbs mercantile september papercrafting kit.  it was full of bright, almost neon hues, that suited the last golden days of summer perfectly.

i thought this would catch me up on all my project life shares, but the joke's on me as i found a random july spread that i finished last week and need to share.  perhaps i'll do another christmas spread so i can continue with the theme of a little christmas and a little something more.

off to start making lists of everything i'm going to attempt in 2014!  i love this time of year!  a clean slate and so much potential!  woohoo!

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