Monday, December 23, 2013

menu plan: grinch kabobs!

these were so cute and easy that i made them twice.  once for the cub scout christmas party and then again for g's party at school.  they were a big hit on both occasions.  of course, they are from pinterest.  i love my holiday foods pin board.  i believe they are visually very self explanatory.  i would advise you to buy big grapes, big bananas, and small strawberries and let you know that each grinch requires two toothpicks.  oh!  also, i ended up cutting the grape a sliver at the top just to make his hat sit on nicely.  :)

i've had no menu plan the last couple weeks.  i made too much tortilla soup and then too much pot roast.  holy moly.  i had to eat each thing five times just to make it all go away.  sigh.

i do have a somewhat non-traditional christmas menu mapped out, thanks again to pinterest.

christmas dinner:
cranberry pork loin
deviled eggs
crash hot potatoes
olive oil and sea salt baked green beans
corn on the cob with lime and sea salt
cheesy pull apart rolls
key lime pie

i've had key lime pie on my weekly menu plan so many times and it just never happens.  i've finally realized that this is because mrs. edwards makes it much better than i ever will and more cheaply with no time investment required from me.  it's a win, win, win that i can't argue with.

major whew! on my part.  school the last two weeks has been tiring to say the least.  last week was finals week.  on friday alone, i helped with ten finals in six different subjects in a three hour window of time.  i was fairly fried after that one.  the week before was state testing.  i had four read alouds that week and my schedule was a nightmare for four of the five days (thank goodness for that bonus "snow" day on tuesday!).  needless to say, i have been crafty decompressing since friday at 3:00.  my mantel is almost done, the house is almsot clean, and i am almost ready for christmas.  just in the nick of time!  (pun intended).

i will have a few very merry christmas crafties to share with you soon!  stay tuned!

and a very merry christmas to you all!  :)

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