Thursday, June 19, 2014

homer's farm: 4/20/14

i'm going to try my best to catch up on all my farm pictures today.  we've been there seven times already this spring!  even though summer officially begins this saturday and i'm way behind with sharing here (we've harvested so much of this veggie goodness already and it's been amazing!), i still want to record it all here.  i'll enjoy looking back at it this winter and remembering that the spring sunshine will indeed come again.

this was our second trip to the farm, and it was all about the babies.  i'm sure homer would not be impressed with a caterpillar in his garden, but i though this little guy was quite handsome.

i found him crawling across the ground in the new tomato patch we were planting.

baby strawberries!

baby cabbage!

 g and homer putting in a new drip irrigation system.

 another bee pic.

a close-up of the drip irrigation system.  it's not too glamorous, but it sure makes the garden grow!

the hoop house with the garlic patch in it.  next to it is a future bean patch and in front, more tomatoes.

baby tomato!  so very exciting!

wild buttercup.  i love seeing these in my lawn in the spring and everywhere else.  it think it's especially fun to see them popping up in online gardens all over the world.  the same beautiful bit of wildness all over this earth of ours.

do you see the yellow birdie perched on the fence ?  i'm fairly certain he is an eastern meadowlark.  i remember seeing them in books growing up and thinking how awesome it would be to see one in real life one day.  i think they remind me of the little house on the prairie.  and now i need to add a telephoto lens to my list of "i wants."

all the sunflower and zinnia seeds leftover from last year that homer planted for me this day.

i love wide open spaces.  :)

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