Saturday, June 21, 2014

homer's farm: 6/16-17/14

we swung by a week ago friday, so i could get some zinnias and strawberry plants.  it was drizzling a bit and we weren't really working that day, so g stayed in the car.  i found this pic on my camera later and assumed it was from him.  he said he was playing jurassic park and was waiting for a t-rex to come through those trees.

now this is my kind of blooming onion!  wow!  is that gorgeous, or what?!  i've decided that i'm definitely planting onions in my own yard next year if only to see some more of these beautiful blossoms.

homer picked a bouquet of zinnias for joree.  too sweet.

wet dog in the pea plants taken by my son the amazing photographer.  the peas are growing like crazy!

tasty treats i brought home for me and the neighbors.

and then we went back on Saturday to work.  i pulled pig weed for two hours straight. what a workout!  my butt hurt on sunday.  and look!  the rogue sunflower bloomed!

this day we picked three 5 gallon buckets of cucumbers and learned how to dig potatoes from the edges without pulling up/disturbing the whole plant.

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  1. those onions are gorgeous as well as the peas.... ok everything is amazing. the bean and i are in nova scotia visiting my mom if you see her photos on instagram!!

  2. I agree the blooming onion is gorgeous! Love those neat rows of zinnias too.

  3. Oh my goodness i love that pea scaffolding idea totally nicking that idea for our peas :) and i do love your macro shot of the blooming onion

  4. WOW....beautiful garden... I'm so jealous of all the gree!! Everything looks amazing. How fun for g to see all this yummy goodness growing right before his eyes. I know when we put out our very first garden ever last year I was in total awe of it all. I could not imagine all COOL!

  5. P.S. I love his Jurassic park picture and the story behind it. He sounds like my grandson....making fun out of any situation...gotta love boys!!