Saturday, August 2, 2014

jbs mercantile: project project life

the papercrafting kits are sold out already, so i thought I should dip into the historian since it is still in stock.  the historian is designed to work well with project life and since i need to get a move on with project life, it is pretty much a perfect match for my scrappy needs at the moment.  not to mention that it's also very beachy this month and i do have beach pictures.

i had a hard time choosing the photos to use.  i love so many from this day.  i finally decided to use the ones that went best with all the little stories that i wanted to tell.  i think i will get some of my favorite pretty ones printed larger to hang on the wall.

here is the spread with the page i shared yesterday.  while i really don't care if my pages match, i went ahead and made these two obviously go together with the gold puffy stickers since they are from the same day.  i like it.  the day and the spread.  :)

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