Saturday, August 23, 2014

texas: gone fishing part two

well, i totally didn't mean to leave you hanging for over two weeks.  i'm sure you've been dying to know if g caught any more fish while in texas.

 why, yes.  yes, he did.  isn't she a beauty?

this is where we went fishing on day two.  it's just the little drainage pond in my sister's neighborhood.  incidentally, ponds are called tanks in texas and lakes are called reservoirs.  i think this must directly relate to it being such a dry state where water conservation is critical.

of course, while g was fishing, i was taking photos.  the grasshoppers were an amusing subject once more.  I think I mentioned earlier that my brother-in-law gave me one of his old zoom lenses.  it was useful in getting these photos of the grasshoppers in the wild rather than my earlier post in which my son had to catch all the grasshoppers for me to photograph.

 then the cows were fun to watch through the zoom lens.  it's like bringing along a set of binoculars.

isn't this mama and baby pair the cutest?

i never could have captured this dragonfly without the zoom lens.  these jokers are fast and cautious.

pink flowers that i had missed the day before as they were a variety that closes up when the sun's not out in full force.

i found some nice dried flowers that were interesting little bits of architecture.  it reminded me that there are still pretty things about in the fall after the pretty colors are gone.

these pods were way interesting.  i found several and am way curious to know what the flowers looked like.

we're enjoying a relaxing low key weekend here.  those are much more important now that school is back in session.  the weeks just fly by and it's hard to get everything done.  g's shirt here makes me laugh.  we picked up two on clearance at the bass pro shop in texas.  we also picked up three fish tees at gander mountain outdoor shop during its grand opening near home.  those were g's back to school clothes.  he wears a fishing shirt almost every day.  ha!  he likes what he likes.  :)

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  1. Given your last post about the grasshoppers, I'm wondering if dry Texas is on the verge of a plague! Remember the dust bowl?