Wednesday, August 6, 2014

texas: gone fishing part one

well, i was going to put all the texas fishing photos in one post, but i was too tired to do it last night and i ran out of time to get all the pictures edited this morning.  i know you wouldn't want me to be late for school, so here are just the few i took the day we took g fishing at a state park.  while the grasshoppers are definitely bigger and better in texas, i'm not sure the state parks are.  this one wasn't nearly as awesome as our local tennessee ones.  it was kinda hot and empty.  and no good for fishing.

we did see a heron fishing though.  that was kinda fun.  and my brother-in-law had given me a zoom lens to play with.  that was kinda fun.  and i took a serious nap on a picnic table.  that was kinda fun.

he finally caught one.  wheee!  we can go home.

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