Thursday, January 5, 2012

donkey kong . . .

i tried to get back in the scrappy groove last night so i don't have such a dismal showing in donkey kong this month.  these two layouts bring my current total to 4.  but i have a two pager in progress, 5 valentines almost completed, and high hopes of tackling the mini.  i have till sundown on the 10th.  think i'll make it?  it's a fun little challenge group.  come chat with us if you get the chance.

this layout makes me laugh.  i thought the colors in the main kit were so pretty with these photos.  but the girliness.  well.  then i had a stroke of inspiration with the title and totally made it work for me.  those boys deserve it too.  the nephew on the left actually pulled his underwear out of his butt in the photo after this one.  he did it on purpose because he knew i was taking the picture.  the nephew in the middle won't make a pleasant expression in a photo ever.  ever.  ask his mother and sister.  glad i'm raising my little guy right.  oh wait.  there is that quirk he has about wearing his boxers out in public for all the world to see.  hmmm.  let's move on to a real girly layout, shall we?

my sweet niece.  isn't she adorable?  for the background here i marked off those white squares with masking tape and misted with studio calico piglet.  i then laid the crafter's workshop mask down and misted with maya road hydrangea.  finally i lifted the stencil off and dribbled a little jbs chicken feed for good measure before peeling off the masking tape.

the photo mats are strips of paper adhere to a piece of background cardstock for a quilted look.  i then stitched some trim from the artisan add-on around the edges.  it totally made me giggle when i realized that pink and white trim is the elastic stuff around the legs of little girl underwear.  underwear textiles in scrapbooking.  what will they think of next?  and i think i'll stop now before i feel another urge to throw unmentionables into the conversation.

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  1. i love reading your blog post doris! they always seem to make me smile! i guess underwear is the real theme of this one, huh?

    the layouts are fabulous! especially the girly manly one! ;)