Sunday, January 15, 2012

g's bookshelf: hatching magic

delightful baby dragon illustrations at the beginning of each chapter.  i would say on average this was probably written for the 10-14 year old girl.  there were several spots i had to explain to g and toward the end i glossed over some things to get done.  for my tastes, it was a little too descriptive at times.  g enjoyed the central story line enough to want to get the sequel.  there are some definite quirky amusing scenes.

g says, "it was maybe a little bit scary in parts and exciting when the egg hatched.  i liked the book because it has imaginary creatures in it."

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  1. Have you read "The Enormous Egg" by Oliver Butterworth. It was written in the 1950s and is about a farm boy whose chicken lays an enormous egg that turns out to be a dinosaur egg. My teacher read it aloud to us in fourth grade and I've read it aloud to my fourth grade class (a few years ago). I loved it as much on the re-read as I remember from my childhood. This is a good dinosaur book.