Saturday, April 14, 2012

g's bookshelf: harry potter and the sorcerer's stone

harry potter is the sheer joy of a brilliant imagination and a story well told.  g loved it and i was once again caught up in the tale and enjoying a different perspective now that i know how the story ends.

here's what g had to say:

very exciting!!!  (did you expect anything less, lol).  there's fairy tale animals.  instead of calling "him" voldemort, they called him "you know who."  one of my favorite parts was when harry was staying with the dursleys and when he walked into his classroom he turned the teacher's hair blue.  the quidditch was exciting too.  somehow someone tried to steal something from gringott's but when they got there it was already gone.  they tried to get the sorcerer's stone and the first chamber there was a three-headed dog named fluffy.  the second chamber was chest (chess).  and then the third chamber was potions.  there was only two potions, one got you back out and the other potion took you forward.  the fourth chamber had flying keys and there were witch brooms and you had to find one key out of thousands of flying keys.  then the fifth chamber had a mirror; the only way.  harry went up to the mirror.  he looked in it and you can only get the sorcerer's stone if you get it but not to use it, so when he looked in all he saw was himself and he blinked and when he did a red rock flew in his pocket.

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