Sunday, September 9, 2012

aims: stepping out in september

got your attention with these shoes, didn't i?  i kinda fell in love with them and all their neon glory earlier this summer, but i wasn't willing to pay $38.99 for them.  i mean, i would have been willing if i had a healthier budget, but i don't so $38.99 nope.  flash forward a couple months and g and i were making a pitstop at target right before hitting the road for florida.  for some reason i decided to swing through the shoe department.  there was a beam of light resting on the endcap where this last pair of flaming pink with bold aqua trim converse resided.  they were in my size and on sale for $19.99.  i heard strains of the hallelujah chorus and i took them home.  but i digress.  i'm good at that.

today's post is about setting goals.  you may have been around here when 2012 first started and i had this great list of goals i was going to work on all year.  you may also have noticed that i kinda petered out sometime in april.  sigh.  i've had intentions of resurrecting them now and then, but haven't gotten around to it.  well.  i was enjoying "a beautiful mess" a couple days ago and elsie had a post on goals again.  it was just the spark i needed.  i've chosen seven goals for the remainder of september.  22 days.  i've heard that it takes 21 days to make a habit.  i know for a fact that it takes more for me.  i'm a tough nut to crack.  anyway.  22 days to do the following:

1. walk a marathon a week.  this is 26.2 miles each 7 days.  very doable, very motivating, and very healthy.
2. drink two bottles of water every morning.  starting small here, but hopefully it will start each day on the right track.
3. eat a salad every day.  i actually did this for 21 days in july and it was more fabulous than i ever thought it would be.  i loved it, but fell off the wagon the day school started back.
4. journal every day.  i used to do this in my early 20s.  i'm not planning on anything in depth.  just a place to remember little things.  a few sentences each day at least.
5. use my darn agenda every day.  i've gotten so horrible about this and it shows.  need to get my act together.  the to do list is my friend.
6. read a good book this month.  i've got a list started!  i just need to pick one!
7. blog daily.  22 blog posts in 22 days, starting today!  i really enjoy blogging.  call me a dork, but i enjoy reading my own blog.  when i do it well, i think it's my own version of project life.  it's good stuff.  back at it!


  1. I just love the Neon shoes... and looking forward to the 22 blog posts in 22 days! Go girl :-)

  2. Love the storie of your new shoes. They were so meant to be for you ;0). Good luck on your goals. Sometmes they are really difficult to keep but hey you seem very determined now. You go girl. Bye Irene from the Netherlands.