Tuesday, September 11, 2012

jbs mercantile: september gallery updates

the jbs mercantile september gallery updates when live last night.  there are twenty new and amazing projects.  i may have to say that this is my most favorite gallery ever.  there is serious brilliance there.  am i honored to be amongst such stellar talent?  yes i am.

i managed to add three more to my gallery, bringing my total this month up to six (seven really since one was a two pager).  three of those pages came exclusively from the september papercrafting kit!  and two more were heavy on the papercrafting kit!  it's a great kit this month!

this layout is my project for today's post up on the jbs inspiration blog.  we're going back to school this month and it's going to be amazing.  i love learning!  do come chat with us about it in the schoolhouse.  :)

you can see the rest of my projects (peeks below) as well as those of the design team up in the gallery.  enjoy! 

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  1. I've given you the Leibster Award for putting out such a positive, enriching blog. See my blog for details...