Saturday, September 8, 2012

instalife . . .

so what have you been up to today?  a whole lotta nothin here.  i even took a pseudonap.  g thought this was a novel idea, so he got in there with me he said in case i wanted to do snugglebunnies.  and of course the purrbox took advantage of the situation.  a fine time was had by all i tell ya.  a most enjoyable way to spend a saturday.

when i finally managed to get out of the black hole i had a little coke in my favorite buffalo wild wings glass.  that really sparked some serious mojo.  i've got 3 partials going now.  two stellars and one with dud potential.  i didn't photograph the dud.  i sure hope i can turn it around.

here's a peek at the fall page in progress.  la la love the leaves lisa dickinson designed.  you can download two free at the bottom of this post.  the rest will be available with the jbs mercantile october papercrafting kit.

here's a pic of the retro beach page i've got going with the amazing mini-album kit corrie jones designed.  it is so fabulous.  it practically scraps itself.  and sadly, it is already sold out.

we did finally manage to make it to kroger for a few groceries so we could eat dinner.  g was somewhat grateful.  i snagged a virtual bottle of red hots for briana as she said her mojo needed to be kicked into high gear.  she thinks she might catch me.  she'd better eat the whole bottle if she thinks she has a chance . . .

photos courtesy of my instagram feed.


  1. ha! was drinking my coke out of the same glass yesterday - we do realize this is not good for us, right?

    those layouts look down-right amazing!

  2. Good blogging :) I think you are being quiet tonight because you're trying to make sure you beat me. I am now in secretive phase so that you don't know if you can slack off now or keep at it - I won't say what I'm doing. I might be scrapping, might not. But the red hots did help.