Wednesday, September 5, 2012

there and back again + an early bird special

if you follow me on instagram (or twitter or facebook) you may have noticed my whirlwind trip to florida over the labor day weekend.  these sweet children waited patiently in the hospital all day friday while their papa was having major emergency spinal surgery.  we are all ever so thankful that he came through it so well (and also grateful for all your thoughts and prayers).  i have lots to say on the topic, but i think it will have to wait for a scrapbook page as i don't seem to have the focus to organize my thoughts right now.

the unexpected visit with family was nice.  like my sil had been to goodwill and had brought home this budweiser glass with the frogs dressed in seminole attire.  i'm not gonna lie.  i was completely stoked to bring it home.  g also thinks he's way cool when he's sipping mommy's coke from a "beer" glass.  silly boy.

and of course we made it to the beach a couple times.  g learned how to boogie board and we got the requisite ice cream cones at tommy t's.  fun times and not so fun times.  great to be home and then great to be home.  sure was extra hard to go to school tuesday morning.  whew.

i'm trying to catch up on the rest of my blogging this evening, but i wanted to mention an amazing new class concept (again from the brilliant mind of debbie hodge) that i'm a part of this month.  there are only TWO seats left and the early bird special ends TONIGHT!  eeeps!  you can read more about it HERE.  it's going to be an amazing experience.

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