Thursday, September 6, 2012

jbs mercantile: late to the party

once we found out my dad was going to be okay and then relieved our anxiety by overdosing on mexican cuisine in the big city and then drove through the pinewoods of north florida to get to the boonies where i grew up and the clan still resides, i did manage to get the gallery mostly loaded in a haphazard sort of way that i corrected just 35 short hours later.  that run-on sentence amuses me greatly as does this totally random comment that follows it.  here are the rest of my contributions thus far.  i'm feeling the need to bustamove as briana has already loaded three layouts as well and says she's currently working on four partials (no she is not in dentistry).  the mini-album kit and add-ons are sold out, but the papercrafting kit is still available.  i can't quite understand that as the exclusive stencil and stamp in it are must haves in my book.  you can see the doily stencil faintly in my background above and then the funky frame stamp in the detail shot below.  better yet, check out how betsy used them.  la la love.

i've been wanting to scrapbook these adorable photos of the gman forever, but every time i tried i'd get stumped with the photo placement.  glad they finally worked for me.

instagrams on this one.  it's just a random recording of a minor moment in a motel room on another trip to florida in which i took admiring photos of my happy new hairdo in the hotel mirror and giggled whilst g slept. 

you may have noted my hotel/motel confusion above.  g and grandma and i are having a running debate as to which temporary sleeping establishments should be labeled motels and which should be labeled hotels.  actually, g and grandma are having the heated argument and i am acting as mediator.  i would gladly have you enlighten me, but i will have to withhold the information from g and grandma as they are both extremely bullheaded, so neither would ever admit to being wrong.  for example, grandma has NEVER taken a nap during daylight hours.  seriously.  if you ever catch her snoring on the couch with her peepers closed and wake her and she asks, "what did you say?," she will tell you straight up that she was just resting her eyes.  ;)

happy day to you all!  :)

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  1. Oh I hope all is well with your Dad!
    T and I had the exact same hotel vs motel conversation on Sunday. The best idea we could come up with was motels have self contained rooms accessed from outside and hotel rooms are accessed from inside a main building. But we know examples which break that rule, ha! So, if you find out, let me know!