Sunday, August 12, 2012

10 on the 12th: good reads

this photo is in no way related to the content of this blog post (ok maybe slightly to stephanie's but only because it's an instagram).  it just cracks me up and who doesn't love a good laugh.  ha.

i'm bummered that i missed yet another of shimelle's "ten on the tenth" days, so what the heck i'm posting on the 12th.  better late than never is the procrastinators motto!

blogs are still my absolute favorite social media.  i love the depth they have.  the spin of getting to know someone through the written word.  i noticed this morning that i have a whole slew of great blog posts opened at the bottom of my computer screen just waiting for me to have a minute or two to enjoy them properly.  i thought i'd share those with you this morning so you could enjoy them too if you haven't already.

1. stephanie howell has a lovely layout and post on using what you have on hand.

2. and she has a great post on using instagram, my second favorite social media.

3. ania maria is a new blogger i've found recently.  i just love her style.  her latest post is about using a manly scrapbooking line to make a feminine layout.

4. julie balzer has a post up about mr. rogers!  good stuff!

5. one from elsie and emma:  good ideas take time

6. ashley calder is back to scrapbooking again (i know! swoon!).  everything she posts is either delightfully whimsical and out of the box or heartbreakingly beautiful.

7. are you one who enjoys super dry humor?  yes?  julie kirk is for you.  she has a new post up this morning, stitching on paper.  i'm going to enjoy reading that one after i finish this blog post.

8. loving natalie's blog lately (you know i have a thing for clouds).  her layouts are just so charming and she's developed a great flair for incorporating her life thoughts and scrappy thoughts all in the same spot.

9. jill sprott's 10 on the 10th posts are always packed with inspiration, deep thoughts, and fabulously fun fluff.

10.  and don't forget shimelle's 10 on the 10th post!!!  sj (another fab read) has hijacked it this month with her favorite ten posts from shimelle (all good reads) because shimelle is dancing in the olympics!  go shimelle!

happy sunday friends!


  1. What a great picture! It made my day!

  2. love you ms. doris. thanks for the shout outs.xoxo

  3. I actually blushed when I spotted my name. Thanks so much! :-)

  4. Oh don't worry about it being the 12th. Maybe it should be renamed 10 on the10th (ish)

  5. Totally made me laugh, love this photo!

  6. Can't believe you included me in that honour roll of so many scrappy greats! What an honour indeed :-)