Monday, August 20, 2012

get it scrapped!: design scraplifting video

this page i am super happy with.  three years from now i will still be super happy with it.  i just know.  do you have pages like that?  or do you love all your pages equally?  i tend to go in spurts.  i'll make a rash of pages i love with a couple super happy with it ones sprinkled in.  then i'll have a borderline dud.  the ebb and flow of the mojo.  ha.  but yes . . . what i love about this super happy page is the misting mess page from a previous layout that i actually ended up using here, the long meaningful title complete with a tangle of dangling threads, and the quirkiness of the color dance and element placement.  and this one says something important too.  it's all about g conquering his fears and the wonderful community of friends we have to help us in our life journey.  yes.  i love this page.

i originally made it for debbie's new site, easy scrapbook pages.  while my pages aren't exactly simple, they can be easy, especially when there's a great website like this with instructions, a supply list, and a brief explanation of the driving design element.  do check it out.  it's a great place for a page jumpstart if you're stuck for an idea to get you going in your design process.

debbie has also used this page as the design inspiration for one of her own fabulous pages.  and she even made a video of the process!  i gotta say, i was mesmerized.  the video is so polished and debbie is so smart.  debbie's page and process are digitally driven, but her explanations of the design at work are so very informative.  mesmerizing.  truly.

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