Sunday, August 26, 2012

jbs mercantile: tennis anyone?

one . . .

plus one . . .

equals two!

we're having a friendly weekend tennis tourney over on the jbs inspiration blog!  there is such fun inspiration going on there.  and you still have a week to get your entries in to be in contention for the medals.

this layout is of several instagrams i tool while on one of our greenway walks.  i love snapping pics of interesting or pretty things i see as we're walking.  it makes the time go by faster.

a bonus pic of the back of one of the sides.  ha.  it just cracked me up how i pieced the layout together to make the patterned paper stretch and then cut a hunk out of the middle to hoard it.  it was too pretty to waste!


  1. Haaa! I totally do this too Doris, I'm not going to let pretty paper go to waste!! Love all the pretty layers in this page.

  2. Hey Doris...I love your layout. I have done terrible on this challenge. My time is just crazy lately. My dh and son bought a mowing business and they have me busy during allll my spare time (like I have so much anymore) setting up their books, client lists, creating invoices, business cards, etc. I feel like a have another full time job with still working part time helping out at my former job...**sigh** I'm about over it all. I really miss my