Saturday, August 11, 2012

jbs mercantile august updates!

the lovely thing about being an auntie is when you see your too baby girl neices getting into a catfight over a yellow beach basket you can snap snap snap away with your camera knowing the mommies will rush in to deal with the brawl.  funny though, they just kinda watched me take my pics before dealing with these two.  i thought while i was scrapping them yesterday how delighted i was that i had an excuse to scrap them again as you know both mommies will want a page.  :)

so this page was made with bits from all the august kits.  i try to be good and focus on individual kits for the reveal on the last day of the month, but when we do updates on the 10th it's a free for all.  i actually might have to have my own personal update next week since i still haven't used the awesome alpha stencil and mod dot stamp from the main kit.  i mean really.  how can that be?

public service announcement . . . those tiny pink flowers are from martha stewarts small hydrangeas punch.  i have the full size hydrangea punch as well.  i have to say that those two punches are hands down the all-time most used in my stash.  they are indeed a good thing.

p.s. the second leg of the jbs swim medley challenge has been posted!  i'm hoping to do laps this afternoon when we get back from the cub scout picnic.  won't you join me?

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  1. Oh what a cute page...I'm hoping to join in on some of the olympic games tomorrow and the next few days. My little buddy is starting kindergarden this week so I will be alone more...but more time to play and not with super heros!