Wednesday, August 8, 2012

jbs mercantile: summer games

all month long the jbs design team is being inspired by the summer games in london.  it's been so interesting for me to hear and see where that inspiration is leading my friends.  amazing places for sure!

i chose archery for my event inspiration as i immediately thought of this bull's eye paper from jenni's playdate release.  such a fun line that is.  you can read more about my inspiration and see my supply list on the jbs blog.

i have to tell you a little funny though.  i came home from school monday afternoon and set to work on this layout right away.  imagine my delight when i finished it in an hour.  i'm not a speedy scrapper!  and i loved it!  my mojo has been playing hide and seek this summer.  ha.  we went to a friend's house for dinner after i made the layout, but i brought my laptop along to upload the images and get them ready to post.  oh dear.  imagine my dismay wheni uploaded the images and i realized i'd spelled pierce wrong (pearce - nice doris).  and it was already 7:30.  gah.  i had to run home and take less than stellar photos.  i rephotographed it yesterday before sharing it with you here.  lesson learned: sub par spellers shouldn't procrastinate.  ha.

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