Sunday, April 28, 2013

menu plan: mini leftovers pot pies

these still need work, obviously, but were pretty decent for a first attempt.  i followed the pinterest recipe HERE for the breading.  i went with 1.5X the recipe, so 3/4 cup bisquick, 3/4 cup milk, and 3 eggs.  with that mix i used 1 tablespoon for the bottom and 2 tablespoons for the top of each.  if you read the recipe thoroughly it gives you exact directions for their method and lots of recipe variations.

i used leftovers for mine.  1/4ish cup filling for each muffin.  top left is ham, baked potato, corn, and carrots.  top right is rotisserie chicken, baked potato, corn, and carrots.  bottom is taco seasoned ground beef, corn, rotel, and cheese.  g's fave was the taco one, but next time i need to add cheese to the top before serving.  he has a cheese addiction.  my fave was the chicken, but next time i need to make a tiny bit of gravy to go with it.  i think then it would taste a lot like thanksgiving stuffing.  mmmm!  i will definitely be revisiting this recipe and want to try a pizza version as well.  i'll keep you posted!

btw, plate is vintage.  it was my brother's as a child.  :)

this week's menu plan includes several revisits from last week as i flaked on grocery shopping and cooking.

this week's menu:
sunday - chilli's
monday - fiesta lime chicken (amazing!  you should try it!)
tuesday - steak fajitas (got a new recipe to try - thanks rita!)
wednesday - church
thursday - spaghetti
friday - open
saturday - mini pizza samplers, 5 minute key lime pie (found a new recipe while typing this up!)

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