Saturday, June 1, 2013

Get It Scrapped! Creative Team Blog Hop!

Greetings Get It Scrapped! blog hoppers and my regular readers!  My missing May moment has passed!  On to June! in which I blog, blog BLOG!  Today I'm sharing a bit about one of my all time favorite creative teams, the Get It Scrapped Creative Team.  I love this place, because it is SO inspiring to me.  Every assignment I'm given there pushes me into the ultra creative zone.  The layout for this post was inspired by the Black and White Scrapbook Page Challenge.  Initially, it might sound a bit intimidating, but try it!  You will LOVE the results!  Here is my take on the challenge.  I went with texture and lots of "bubbles."

Another great source of inspiration is Masterful Scrapbook Design.  I am always honored to teach there as the classes are so well done, in depth, and FUN.  It's a great value and so easy to reference as an online resource.  If you'd like to try one out at a great price, I have a coupon code for you for Motif.  Now to me, motif plays heavily into theme and theme is the name of the game with my scrapbooking as evidenced by all those tiny bubbles above, lol.  But seriously, if you'd like to try it at a drastically discounted price, just put the Motif issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design in your shopping cart and apply the coupon code: giscttsds60p  This discount is 60% off through June 3rd!  That's a WOW, but act FAST!

I am very honored to be joining this group of talented and dedicated women for another year.  It's a great group to spend time with.  If you'd like to get to know us all a little better, join in on the Get It Scrapped Creative Team Blog Hop below.  Happy Hopping!  :)

Get It Scrapped
Amy Kingsford
Sue Althouse
Michelle Houghton and Deborah Wagner
Marie-Pierre Capistran
Christy Strickler
Heather Awsumb
Michelle Hernandez
Lise Mariann Alsli
Alexis Aragona
Kristy T
Stefanie Semple
Audrey Tan
Sian Fair
Brenda Becknell
Carrie Arick
Kiki Kougioumtzi
Tara McKernin
Susanne Brauer
Marcia Fortunato
Katie Scott
Rosann Santos-Elliott
Doris Sander <<<<<<<<<<< -------------------- You are HERE!
Celeste Smith


  1. wow Doris - that layout is great - would have totally intimidated me too!

  2. Doris this is a great layout. I love the back and white checkered background and those bubbles are just perfect!

  3. Oh Doris! I love the mix of shapes here and the stitching they all bring so much visual interest to your B&w page. So excited to be working with such a talented lady!

  4. Doris, I always LOVE your pages! They are so not like the pages I'm use to see everywhere. You always come up with creative idea and you are a great inspiration to me. I'm happy to be on the team with you for another year.

  5. Okay, um, you totally rawked the texture and b&w playfulness with your layout! I love it! And I'm a little starstruck that I get to be in a CT with you! :D

  6. wow wow wow! this in incredible. thank you so much for your work this last year --- and for continuing on!

  7. Doris...what can I say...I have to study every page you do! they are unique and this is no exception. I still can't believe I'm in the same team with some of you :)

  8. Love the black and white! And the photo too. I am happy to be joining you for another year at Get It Scrapped.

  9. Hi Doris, I am looking forward very much to scrapbooking with you at Get It Scrapped this year. Black and white? I'm going to give it a try!

  10. Yay Doris! You've been missed!! Looks like you've been busy scappin though. Awesome!!!! :) Evie

  11. I love the bubbles, Doris!! I am super excited to get to create with you this year; More Doris in my life makes me happy.

  12. Oh yes, so much to love about this! So happy to be on the team with you for another year. Also very, very appreciative of your teaching in the Guided Study classes.

  13. What a fun page. I enjoyed a class with you and am excited to be working with you this year.

  14. Wow! This is perfection. Everything on the page really emphasizes your theme. I'm looking forward to being on the team with you this year!

  15. I love all the texture on this page, and the words you added on your photo - so cool!

  16. Oh, so much fun!! Love the squares and the bubbles. Looking forward to being on the creative team with you. :-)

  17. Love this layout. I like how you used texture to add so much interest instead of color. I'm looking forward to learning so much from my teammates this year!

  18. It;s great for mne to be serving along side a wonderful scrapbooker like you, quite an honour. I love the stitching above your imperfectly cut paper shapes, and the titled photo rises above it all.

  19. Fab layout - you almost had me reaching out to wipe bubbles off the page. I'm so happy to have been in class with you and now I'm looking forward to being on the team this year.