Monday, June 24, 2013

good blog reads . . .

i'm tinkering with the blog today.  feeling the urge for something fresh that's a bit more the me that i am right now.  does your sense of self change from time to time?  mine seems to.  right now i am surely consumed by sunshine, that is for sure.  i see light peeking out here and there and try so hard to capture it with my lens.  it is just so beautiful and joy filled.

i fell off the posting wagon in may and didn't even share any blog reads with you all.  i'm sure i've missed some good ones, but here are a few i grabbed that you might enjoy:

most of you know i'm a teacher and am thoroughly enjoying my summertime magic.  this post from jill sprott, a fellow teacher, really resounds with me.  she has such a gift for words.

manzanita is a charming blog i stumbled upon a couple weeks ago.  her 52 weeks project, a granny square a week, is one i can really wrap my fingers around.  totally planning on trying this in 2014!

amanda johnson has been making a few posts again lately.  this one, "and life goes on," is so life affirming.

i was checking out facebook the other day and noticed a blog post from kayla aimee that looked like fun, so i went on over and read it.  i had forgotten how utterly adorable she is.

a new online scappy ezine.  this first issue is great.

wish list blog posts aren't always my favorite, but this one from stephanie howell has more things to do rather than things to buy, including two great diy home project links plus one about ikea paper (paper i can afford.  yes, please!).

this one from a beautiful mess looks like such a fun diy and such a great way to showcase 54 of my favorite photos!

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  1. Aw, Doris -- thanks so much for including me here! :)